Bespoke Tailoring

Savile row tailoring invented the term ‘bespoke’ way back in the 19th Century. If you consider the origin of the world, ‘bespoke’ has a meaning similar to bespeak, which technically means to speak for itself.

If you ask a man or a woman about the most sophisticated and classy attire they possess it would most likely be a bespoke suit. A well-made nice fitting suit with superior quality material is sure to grab eyeballs wherever you go. The reason is that these suits are made in such a way that they adapt to the body frame accurately and hide any flaws that you may have.

A Bespoke suit is a process of creation of an individual pattern cut to your taste and style. We at Nicholas aim to provide bespoke tailoring services and deliver style & quality in an efficient and personal manner. Our experienced tailors have been producing bespoke and stylish clothing for many years. We just work with the best fabric and materials to make all our clothings and give the best outcome.

Get the finest cut and fit

Getting the finest cut and fit is only possible in bespoke tailored suit. Our Experienced bespoke tailors at Nicholas take great pains to tailor the suit as per your exact measurements. Attention to detailing is given and you’ll never have a seam come out or a worn out button in a bespoke tailored suit from Nicholas…Perfection and Precision is what you can expect from hand crafted bespoke suits.