What to Do When There Is No Custody Agreement

In addition, babies are born to two parents, each with the same rights towards the child. No parent is more important than the other. Think about how it works in a marriage or other committed relationship. Mom and dad share time with the child and (to some extent) share responsibilities in relation to the child. We pick up at the daycare, we drop off. One feeds breakfast, the other packs lunch. One washes the dishes while the other helps with bath time. Of course, it works differently in each family, but in most cases, responsibilities are shared without much hassle. When things don`t work out between parents, things start to fall apart. Usually, it unravels surprisingly quickly. Whether you and your child`s father are married and heading for divorce or you`re never married and you`re just looking for a way to share your child`s responsibilities (without having too much contact with each other, of course), you need to make some sort of agreement about how custody and visits will be handled. If you do NOT have a custody order, problems often begin to simmer.

Hello, I need help. I have a court order that my son lives mainly with me and visits his father. The last order was 11 years ago. My son turned 16 a few days ago and he sent my current husband a text message stating that he was moving from today and that his father had enrolled him in another school. Everything was behind my back and without my consent. I am waiting for a hearing date and until then, the order will be followed yesterday at an emergency hearing. What worries me is that my son doesn`t have a room in his father`s house, he sleeps. Until recently, he always lived on the couch with his family, friends, or the homeless.

There was even a time when, a few years ago, he allowed my son to sleep in his car during the night because the place where he lived locked him up because they were upset. That special night was also a night below freezing. My other concern is that the school district he is currently in is the highest rated in our area and the school. His father tried to register him first, has metal detectors for a reason I don`t need to mention. It is the worst school district in the region. My son says he`s stressed at home so he wants to move. He couldn`t give details, I guess, because we have an 11-year-old daughter who is not very calm and has often had not.so trouble in the last 6 months. She has mental health issues that we asked for help with, and now she`s getting better and she`s not being treated anymore. Anyway, with all of this, I hope you can help determine what else needs to be done to make sure my son stays at least in his school district and hopefully in my home.

So far, we`ve removed his electronics and asked his father to schedule hours directly with me to see what he refuses, as he has done for many years. Instead, he keeps sending a TEXTo to my son`s phone. I am happy with any help, thank you. Heather The “doctrine of tender years” has been abolished by law. S.C. Code Ann. § 63-15-10. This means that it is no longer presumed that a mother will be granted custody of an infant. A parent who has sole custody can make important decisions about the child`s life without consulting the other parent. When parents have joint custody, they must consult with each other and make important decisions together, for example.

B where the child will go to school or if the child will undergo a major medical procedure. If the parents cannot agree, a court may have to make the decision. Both legal parents have the same rights as the child if there is no custody decision. “Legal parents” are persons who are officially recognized as parents on the child`s birth certificate, a court order such as child support or adoption order, or an affidavit of parentage. Without a custody order, the rights of non-parents are much more limited and parents generally have the right to keep the child. I don`t know if they should start, but my children have been with the father for 5 years, he agreed to let the children come on the holiday weekend, etc. as long as it was not interrupted. Well, I recently started with parental controls and since I did, it won`t see me or even let me talk on the phone. It`s not fsir or healthy for children.

Plzs I need help on how to get my kids for Christmas. He let them come to my hoyse csuse, I adhered to the supervision of the children by doing the right thing by paying my child out and it`s worse now for some reason, I don`t know if he is doing anything wrong and dntcwant state is involved, but I need help plzs reach and help. I may not have my kids for Christmas and it`s not just that I`ve seen them every year, now all of a sudden I can`t even talk to them on the phone anymore. .